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Our cedar mailboxes date back more than fifteen years and many of them are showing signs of age. Some of the problems are rotted posts, rusting doors, and cracked and peeling paint.

A committee was formed to develop a remediation plan. It consists of Suzie Severson, and Sayed Ahmed.

Mailboxes Sources

Local Suppliers

Local is attractive because of no shipping cost to Ann Arbor. Still, we will have to pick up items and move them to our site.

Fingerle Lumber

Fingerle gave us a quote for mailboxes. The price does not include installation. In many cases mailboxes can be ganged together to reduce the number of posts. No newspaper box is included here.

Cedar Mailbox Post CC5R CC1R Red Cedar Rural Mailbox CC-2R Cedar Chalet Mailbox
$49.95 ea $29.95 ea $59.95 ea
mailbox-post_cc5r.jpg mailbox-cc1r.jpg

Home Depot

Gibraltar Arlington


This mailbox looks and feels extremely durable. Looks even more attractive in-person.

SKU: 248050

Price: $49.75ea

Delivery: approx. 3 weeks

Orders starting at $2500 are routed through their Pro Department where they will quoted with a discount (Sharon 734-975-4783).

Some Post Options

Online Suppliers

Double, Triple and Quadruple Configurations with newspaper boxes

Multi-Unit posts and beam

Double 554.40 + $80

Triple 881.65 + $120

Remediation Plan

  1. Survey existing condition: DONE written survey and photo survey (McMillan)
  2. Write out a parts description for full replacement: DONE
  3. Get quotes for repair of existing mailboxes: All VENDORS REFUSED
  4. Gather samples of proposed mailboxes (salsbury shipped on 4/18/2011)
  5. Solicit neighborhood input: meeting held attended by 12 of 36 households (ten for new mailboxes, two against)


Company only complete replacement
install parts repair existing hybrid low-maintenance
I Need a Mailbox $11,995
Freeman Builders 1) ~$9,000 ~$10,000 ~$12,000
Roger Moore $2000 $8,925 $9,355
Salsbury Industries 2) $6455 3)


  • do nothing
  • repair: replace only failed parts and apply a coat of paint
  • replace all
    • with something similar to existing boxes
    • with upgrade on mailbox only
    • with upgrade to low-maintenance materials (e.g. cast aluminum) for all parts

Another possibility is to try to take the Home Depot Mailbox below and fit it to the parts from Salsbury Industries (motivation is that HD mailbox is half of salsbury price yet still made of a durable looking cast aluminum).

Original Documents

Parts description

Quotes should be for the following:

  • 10 double units: two mailboxes, two newspaper boxes, twin spreader (horizontal member), post, and address on each door - installed
  • 5 triple units: three maiboxes, three newspaper boxes, triple spreader, one or two posts, and address on each door - installed

Currently, there are eleven double mailboxes, four triple mailboxes, and a single mailbox. We can combine 2009 Tibbits with 2019/2029 to turn one of the doubles into a triple.

The mailbox materials are left open to start. They eventually need to be specified. The current mailboxes are thin sheet steel boxes ($20) embedded in a decorative cedar housing (?$). A sturdier and longer lived alternative is the aluminum die-cast mailbox, but we should also consider lower cost alternatives.

Color must also be selected


address mailbox covering newspaper box posts flowerbox
2112 F F (warp,chip) F G G (cuff) F
2106 B (dent,rust) F (warp,chip) F
2100 B (dent,rust) F (warp,chip) F
2070 G F G G (cuff) G
2060 F (rust) G G
2050 B (dent) F (chip) F (rust) F F
2040 B (dent) F (chip) G
2030 G B B B B (rot,cuff) F
2020 B B (dmg) F
2010 B B (dmg) F
2009 F (dent,rust) B F F (cuff) N
2019 F (dent,rust) B G B B (rot) B
2029 F (dent,rust) B G
2039 F B F B (crack,cuff) B (warp)
2049 F (rust) B G
2059 F (rust) B B (crack) F (crack,cuff) F
2069 F (rust) F F
873 G F F (rust) B B (rot,cuff,crack) G
881 G F G
2111 B (rust, dmg F G
866 F (rust) F (chip) F F (crack,cuff) F (chip)
856 F (rust) F (chip) F
846 B (rust) F F (chip) F (cuff) F (chip)
836 G B (dmg) F (crack)
857 G F (chip) B (crack) G F (chip)
865 G F (chip) F
841 F (rust) F (chip) B (crack) B (crack,rot,cuff) F (chip)
849 B (dmg) F (chip) F
817 F (rust,chip) F (chip) B F B (rot,cuff,crack) B (rot)
825 F (rust) F (chip) F
833 F (rust) F (chip) F
816 F (rust) F (chip) F B (crack) B (crack, rot)
806 G B (dmg) G
801 F (rust) F (chip) B (crack) F (crack, cuff) B (warp)
809 F (rust) B (dmg) F

B - bad F - fair G - good N - none

  • chip - painted is chipped
  • warp - boards are warped
  • dent - dented
  • rust - either sheet metal or fasteners showing rust
  • cuff - missing or rotted post cuff
  • rot - wood shows rot
  • crack - wood is cracked


Associations and Mailboxes

Lake Forest Highlands has a procedure for mailbox replacement.

mix and match quote
specimen shipping on 4/18
was $7355
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