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City Codes

Prior failure to enforce by-laws

The failure of the Association or of any co-owner to enforce any right, provision, covenant, or condition which may be granted by the condominium documents shall not constitute a waiver of the right of the Association or of any such co-owner to enforce such right, provison, covenant, or condition in the future. 1)

Landscape Restrictions

No co-owner share perform any landscaping or remove, trim or plant any trees, shrubs or flowers or place any ornamental materials within five (5) feet of the exterior boundary line of the limited common element appurtenant to his unit or on the general common elements without the prior written approval of the Association. 2)


No co-owner shall construct, or cause to be constructed, any fence of any nature upon his unit or the common elements without the prior written approval of the Developer or the Association, as set forth in Section 3 of this Article. Perimeter fences along the exterior lines of the limited common elements adjacent to another unit shall not be permitted. 3)


Refers to signs posted by businesses on common property near Pontiac Trail. The area is attractive as free billboard space due to exposure toward Pontiac Trail.

Generally just throw them away, but we have called at least one repeat offender to ask them to stop.

North America's College Painters (Matt 517-918-5003)

  • called back on June 30, 2010 at 3:43pm, but did not cease as promised.
  • Called 06/15/10. Matt says he will call Scott (owner or manager) to remove by end of weekend - done.

City codes may be helpful if problem escalates.


By-laws, Article XIX, Section 5
By-Laws, Article VI (Restrictions), Section 12
By-Laws, Article VI (Restrictions), Section 1f
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