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Beautification Day

Beautification Day is carried out by the members of the Orchard Place Condominium Association. It is both a money-saving and community building exercise. This was challenged in 2009 so we requested quotes from multiple vendors for the work we do on this day. None of the vendors were willing to take on all of the tasks that we do: painting, weeding, mulching, planting, and bush trimming. However we received multiple quotes for bush trimming. The lowest was $700. The full Beautification Day budget is less than the cost for this subset of the work and so justifies the money-saving claim.


announcement timing: 3 weeks before event

event timing: was weekend after Memorial Day, but many feel this is too late

Location: Tent will be set up at North end of Tibbits

send reminder few days before ( if you wish to pass a dish)

  • A-F: chips/pretzels/appetizers
  • G-P: fruit/vegetables
  • Q-Z: cookies/desserts

compost bins - label yours so they all find their way home.


  • reconnect water meter and turn on water (Sprinkler Co. )

Morning Prep


  • Water (in thermal jug)
  • Lemonade (in thermal jug)
  • some water bottles
  • paper cups
  • Coffee
  • Muffins


Orchard Place collectively owns a tent which is stored at 2049 Tibbits. Set up the morning of the event: requires at least four to six people

Buffet Tables

Name tags

Ease peoples concern about remembering names.

Landscape ($280)


  • type: harwood mulch
  • quantity
    • 4yd in 2010: $29/yd + $35 delivery + tax = $157.96; paid by check at delivery
    • 4yd in 2009
    • 5yd in 2008
  • price: $34/yd + $35 delivery
  • vendor: Broadscape Landscape & Supplies, 6350 Whitmore Lake Road, Whitmore Lake, MI‎ - (734) 213-2233‎ (Cheryl)


  • selection: Angie used to own a flower store and is happy to help choose
  • past vendor: Alexander's Farm Market, 6925 Whitmore Lake Road, Whitmore Lake, MI 48189-9258, (734) 741-1064
  • constraints: prevent plants from blocking sign
  • note: get plants a couple of weeks early. Selection has been slim on the day before our event.

Work (community)

  • trim bushes along Pontiac Trail
  • trim lilaacs
  • layout plants
  • weed and loosen soil
  • apply mulch
    • flowerbed
    • bushes on south side of Brookside
  • clear silt from approaches to both french drains (Tibbits and Pontiac Trail)


year vendor comments
2010 Ahmo's Deli feed 40: 1/3 Falafel, 1/3 chicken, 1/3 gyros; salad, bread, plates, plastic-ware $300
2009 Ahmo's Deli
2008 Qdoba Mexican Grill

Family Activities

2011: add something else exciting and engaging like face-painting, paper-making, other crafts or DIY activities….

Past activities

  • Fire Engine
  • Hayride


2010: painted letters and flower


Tent requires 6 people

Return table, thermal jugs

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