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This site was put together to communicate details about condominium association activities. It serves as a memory-bank and collaboration tool simply to make our chores easier. It cannot replace the association by-laws or any agreements that run with the land.

Condominium Documents

Common Property


Sign contains three painted areas:

  • Background
    • stain (Minwax special walnut 224) [for 2011: need more]
  • Lettering (outdoor enamel paint)
    • gold paint for lettering (Plasti-kote Fast dry enamel - Brass))
  • Picture
    • Hunter Green for leaves (Krylon Hobby and Craft Enamel SCB-019)
    • Dark Brown for branches (mix light brown and black)
    • Rose color for flowers (Plasti-kote Fast dry enamel - B39)

Paint is at 2111 Tibbits


The garden contains a mix of annual and perennial plants. Annuals are selected and planted every summer. Plants should be positioned so as not to block the sign.

Sprinkler System

A sprinkler system is located near the sign at the entrance to Orchard Place. Its primary purpose is to water the plants and flowers near the sign. It also waters the grass there.

The system is laid out as follows. The sprinkler control (Rain Bird ESP-4) sits below the electric meter. Water is supplied to it through the water meter, which sits below grade in a protective box. The water supply valve sits nearby and requires a special tool (called a water valve key) to open and close it. To adhere to city code a backflow-preventer (Febco Model 825Y) keeps pooled water from being accidentally sucked back into the water supply.

Annual maintenance is required to prevent water from freezing in the lines and damaging the system.

Meter is attached to 799 Brookside, Act#517127-117631

Each fall the sprinkler system is de-activated

  • water is shut off (call the city to do this 734.794.6333)
  • water meter is removed
  • sprinkler lines are blown out

Each spring the system is re-activated

  • water is turned on (call the city to do this 734.794.6333)
  • water meter is reconnected

A sprinkler company handles these two jobs.

Titan Sprinkler, 1987 Sundance Ridge, Howell, MI 48843 Office: 517-540-1851 Fax: 517-947-6170 Cellular: 517-294-2131

Though Titan has a water valve key, our installation requires a longer one, which the city has. Titan (Tim) has called the city to turn on the water on for us in the past. In 2010 this delayed us by more than a month so we should call the city to turn on the water in the future.

WAIT(spring): address difficult to close spigot


Drainage Bowls

The drainage bowls detain storm water so that flow to adjoining properties does not exceed the pre-development runoff. This was required of all new real estate developments as a result of the U.S. Clean Water Act of 1977.

Our drainage bowls are found in two areas: north-east of Pontiac Trail & Brookside and south-west of Tibbits Ct and Brookside.

Some maintenance is required to keep the drains working because silt is transported there with each rain.

SW of Tibbits Ct & Brookside

NE of Pontiac Tr & Brookside


NA(home): post model, description, picture, and storage location for tent

Liability Insurance Policy

George J. Pomey Jr., State Farm, 2460 E. Stadium Blvd., Ann Arbor, MI 48104, Phone (734) 973-2044

Policy ID: 92-CF-2515-1

File affidavit of no employees to get refund of workman's comp.

Sewage backup coverage?

Additional Information


Date Event Note Status
January Snow Plowing - pay second 1/2
January Workmen's Compensation Insurance - send in form for refund
January Dues - send winter bill due February
March Property insurance - pay
March Workmen's Compensation Insurance - pay
March Federal Income Tax - file
April Lawn Cutting - sign contract
April Beautification Day - set date and send out notice
April Beautification Day - gather committee
May Audit(Uncertified review) - arrange for previous year
May Sprinkler System - enable
May Beautification Day - send reminder
June Beautification Day - hold
July Dues - send summer bill due August
August Board meeting - hold pre-membrship mtg. isssues
August Budget - draft for next fiscal year
September State Corporation Filing due Oct. 1
September Membership List - prepare
September Annual Meeting - send notice 10-60 days before mtg.
October Annual Meeting - prepare member packet
October Annual Meeting - hold
October Annual Meeting - mail minutes
October Sprinkler System - winterize
October Snow Plowing - sign contract, pay 1/2
November Board meeting - hold post-membrship mtg. isssues
November Budget - approve for next fiscal year

Non-profit Corporation Filing

Two Ways to File Annual Report

  • pre-printed annual report (BCS/CD-2000), or

Fee: $20

Federal Tax Filing

Our tax year coincides with the calendar year

Lawn Cutting

General common areas and drainage bowls

Pricing: Seasonal contract


  • Drainage Bowls
  • Sections near entrance:
    • North and South sides of Brookside
    • Strip along Pontiac Trail

Vendor History

Year Vendor Approx. Cost
2010 Green Vision $1890
2009 Green Vision $1890
2007 Garret $3,732
2006 Garret $4,062

Snow Plowing

Sidewalks in front of general common areas as well as along Pontiac Trail.

Pricing Strategy: Seasonal, fixed price up to x number of pushes

Vendor History

Year Vendor Approx. Cost
2009-2010 Green Vision

Sidewalk De-icing

Particularly on non-snow days, The sidewalk on the south side of Brookside near Pontiac Trail get very slippery.

There is a great deal of foot traffic there in the morning so we are considering installing a bin with a salt/sand mixture and a scoop.



  • snow plowing
  • lawn mowing
  • insurance
    • property (includes liability) - common areas
    • workman's compensation
  • Beautification Day
    • refreshments
    • plants and mulch
  • sprinkler maintenance

Budget 2010 year-to-date and 2011 proposal

Annual Meeting


include purpose, place, and time

Common Issues

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